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*yawns tiredly*

On a lighter note, I recently posted a comment that "It's fortunate that no one puts me in charge of anything. Women would be required to wear skirts (shorts underneath are fine though), there'd be a minion squirrel gathering competition for which they'd have to sign waivers against harm and rabies, and there would probably be at least one incident in which I'd ask guests to submit a panel suggestion and when they would want to do it... preferably with suggested concepts of how you would make a episode of captured squirrel version cast of Firefly or the benefits of walking into a room with scorch marks on your clothes for dramatic effect (or other proposed entrances).... yeah. I'm never to be put in charge of anything...."

I'm still occasionally finding myself chuckling at the idea of squirrels acting out a scene on Serenity or a line of minions and me saying things like, "Nooooo, I said squirrel. Not cosplayed Alvin. That's a chipmunk! Pigeons are flying rats not flying squirrels! Yes I'll accept the sugar glider and the cosplayed Rocky! (the cartoon squirrel, not the fighter)"

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Batman Rises and insomnia

Got back from Batman Rises. Loved the movie even though I'm not a big Batman fan. I missed a little section at the end leaving a little too early I think though. I was distracted during the movie though. At work it's been real slow. But my friend asked me what I was doing and one of the projects is basically transferring data that will eventually result in American made items turning into Chinese made items. It bothers me but one a couple of occasions I said, "look, consumers say they want American made. It's a big mistake going away from the Made in the USA."

But the sales team point out to me that despite marketing research saying so... our customers (retailers) are tired of our made in USA stuff not selling but our made in China items flying off the shelves. Our made in China stuff is cheaper, as good quality or if worse quality, much cheaper to replace without a huge leap in ANSI measured difference. What's the point of making something that just won't sell? And that's the dilemma in a nutshell. USA made still has to be something people will buy because it's better than alternative goods. While our made in USA stuff sits on shelves, the Chinese goods besides them make good money for those USA stores hiring USA employees. And for the mechanics using them it's cheaper for their tools they work with. So I guess in some ways, it just is what it is.

Although in other news-- wow. I didn't think Hathaway would make such an excellent Catwoman/burglar. Meow! *sighs* Be still my heart. LOL.

Too many ideas lately... hard to sleep

Those who know me know that I periodically come up with all these random ideas and thoughts. I usually lock these posts down but I already shared part of this with FB friends so why not keep it open?

1) Too many chores and also Bejeweled Blitz is driving me nuts. LOL. I told a friend I wouldn't go full berserk on Boosts and Gems. I've forgotten how to get a higher score than ~300k without that. LOL. Ah well.

2) Story arc concept. Another one that I probably won't ever finish based on the Wizard of Oz concepts. I want a raven in there signifying some of the effects I'm trying to convey being from my primary source of singularity of effect - Edgar Allan Poe.

"And so he said frankly and with a bit of melancholy, 'I'm terribly sorry. I make a horrible knight in shining armor. But I'm a good tin man, all hollow inside, no heart. Only a bright shining star pinned on my outer vest and a strict adherence to the law. I can't help you for your indiscretions.' She replied with a slight sob, 'You're not the one then. I'm looking for a heart to heal me.' He replied in echo as if her voice was ringing back from his hollow tin body, 'I am too.' And then he held her because somehow he know that in many ways-- they were both without a heart."

3) Standup comedy idea: I have a friend who was a poet... and he didn't know.

I mean, really. If I'd only known that he didn't know... maybe I could have done something? You know-- given him some poetry contests to go to. Helped him into Clown Poetry school maybe? But since HE didn't know it. How could he have expected ME to know it?...

It's a pretty common phenomenon I'm told. I had a female friend that was a poet and never knew it either. She once said to me, "Jason, can you please... hand me my keys?" And then she realized she was a poet and she never knew it. Man. I'm clueless on how to console a woman and I could clearly tell it upset her. Because you know, I've very adept at reading emotions, empathizing with others, and detecting sarcasm.

When I asked her if I could do anything to help, she replied a little testily, "Just hand me my keys!". Well I could see how upset she was. I knew I just had to start a help group for poets who didn't know it.

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Haven't used this in a while.. =/

Here's a FB update I just did... *ponders more and more these days when he should be resting and sleeping*

I've been playing Bejeweled Blitz almost non-stop today. I notice I do that when something is bothering me and I can't quite place my finger on it. Thinking a lot about trickle down economics and how it's a way to flood the economy with money-- only when there's no practical place to put the money (so it just sits in banks)... then it bloats and creates inflation. In theory, there should always be a good investment. In theory. And then about the movie Griff the Invisible on Netflix. Good movie but kind of breaks all my world paradigms. My belief that one should be silly and goofy but not to the point where one actually believes in things that aren't real. LARP action stays in fantasy. Reality must be tempered with goofy while acknowledging those things in the shadows are only as real as one's mind's eye. But that movie? It shows me why sometimes even if you believe... well, sometimes it's not so bad. And that is an unbelievably hard thing for me to think. I still don't truly believe in it. But I at least understand it. No matter how silly I am though, I am firmly ground in reality and the things one must do to stay alive and plan for the future.

On discrimination and stereotyping...

Sorry this is so long...

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So no matter what they believed and what they thought-- they still applied the golden rule. And they taught it to me as the Chinese way. The old martial way when there was a GiangFu (sp?) and rules of conduct. They said it was the Chinese way. Which is why it bothers me a bit when there's a big Chinese fuss about the racial issue with Lin-sanity and the crude joke someone made about Chinese physical aspects. Heck, I (embarrassingly) laughed. Or Mickey Rooney and the Asian stereotype in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Classic role! Since when is it supposed to bother the Chinese? I understand a standard objection due to necessity to put it out that it's not true or not fair. But after that? Prove it wrong and laugh.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I misunderstood my parents and what they were trying to say about the Chinese mentality. But I'd like to think that some of them has rubbed off on me and I'm the kind of guy who would rather live life and prove by action rather than words. (which is ironic because I ponder, talk, muse, and type soooooo MANY WORDS!!!)

Again-- just my opinion and hope I haven't offended anyone. Life is tough-- and people will find any excuse not to give you a break.

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Is it just me?

Or does the world often seem more unkind these days... more demanding about respect and correctness? Yes in past ages there was intolerance and a lot of bad things happening in terms of racism, discrimination, and intolerance.
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People doing the best they can in a world we all know has too much suffering. Best wish and much love.

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Sharing a FB post I just did...

But I'm a crepe. I'm not a waffle. What the heck I'm doing here? I don't belong here... I don't care if it hurts. Do you wanna have a crepe? You're a perfect waffle. I want a perfect soul. I want you to notice, when I'm not around. You're so very special. I wish I was special... But I'm a crepe. I'm not a waffle... I don't belong here. ooh oooohhoohooohohoohooo. ooo ooo... Syrup's running out again. It's running out. It runs runs runs. Pancakes make you happy. Or the waffles you want. They're so very special. I wish I was special...

Yep. Radiohead's Creep turned into Shooman's crepe.


The depression around us...

Every week I try to make sure I do something constructive and hope it outweighs the destructive. I have got to stop letting FB ruin my mood though. I find myself having difficulty not criticizing that there seems to be so much anger, and complaint. And then I find myself complaining too. That's the hard part about life. Learning to recognize one's own hypocrisies AND recognizing that one's life will always be filled with contradictions that are NOT hypocrisies. Love of self and love of others for example. It's a delicate balance of doing stuff for yourself and doing stuff for others. Of loving yourself so you're able to love others... but not to the point where you love too much either way. Tricky thing balance.

Hope. I find a lot who feel hopeless these days. Is it too late? Will I ever make it to 15 or 20 yrs from now and be able to offer anyone any hope? Do I do so at all right now? =/

Day at a time. All I can do.

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Yu Darvish

So this has got me thinking a little. Enough to wake me in the middle of the night. The main point of this article is that when one knows what one wants-- even despite the drawbacks. One goes after it with intent. Maybe one doesn't succeed. Maybe it doesn't work out and it leaves you reeling for a bit. But you do it anyway. You lay your heart on the line.

I do this for a lot of different things, hobbies, etc. Hopefully always whenever the time comes, I'll know and despite all risks-- go after it.

See the thing is, Yu might be a bust like so many Japanese pitchers in the MLB. But he could also be the next Cliff Lee. He might be able to get you the strike when you were 1 strike away from a World Series Championship. You never know till you try.

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Some stats I was looking at...

Came across: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/the-10-most-charitable-companies-in-america.html today. I decided to take the top two donors but $ amt and top donor by percentage and look at some of the numbers.

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